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Price List of Services:




Price for repairs done at our location $165.00 an hour with a one hour minimum.
Price for repairs in YOUR home or office are $165.00 an hour with a one hour minimum Plus $20.00 Travel Fee. 

Telephone tech support/Remote access: Now I don't charge for most tech support on the phone but lets face it all of our time is valuable. So here's just a courtesy. When I'm on the phone with you for more than 10 minuets repairing your computer fill out a check for $20 or $30 bucks and mail it to me I love a surprise thanks....

Remote connection: DMTech now offers remote connect to your system allowing for an internet access to your desktop. This service is priced case by case. Most calls average from $30.00 to $200.00


We offer but are not limited to:

*Virus removal - $165.00 

*Spy-ware / Malware removal - $165.00
*Full installation - $165.00 + OS (operating system activation key)
*System Factory Restoration without CD's - $165.00 + OS (operating system)
*System Factory Restoration with CD's - $165.00

*Drive Partition, Imaging or Cloning of Hard Drive $85.00 (restore from clone $175.00)
*Error code diagnostics - $35.00
*Data transfer - $85.00(60gig) $10.00 for every 10gig over

*Data Clone and Recovery Min-$500.00 to $5,000.00(min 8 hrs recovery time)

*In-Home wireless connection and setup (new equipment) $165.00

$20.00 each additional unit added

 *******Repair wireless/LAN network $165.00 per hour Min 1 hour*** 

Parts installation:
*Laptop Screen replacement $160.00 + cost of screen 

*Laptop Battery replacement $160.00 + cost of battery (internal System)   
*Ram installation - $30.00 ($90.00 for Laptop with hidden ports)
*Motherboard installation - $199.00 + parts

*Bios Flash - $45.00
*Power supply installation- $45.00 Tower
*Hard Drive formatting - $ Free
*CD/ DVD/ DVD-RW Rom installation - $45.00
*Video Card installation - $45.00 Tower
*Sound Card installation - $45.00 Tower
*Nic installation - $35.00 Tower
*USB installation - $45.00 Tower

Customer Responsibilities:

DMTech is not responsible for lost data please ensure you have backed up your important data prior to any service.
Customer is responsible for any data migration to a new PC or hard drive. Data transfers are available for an additional fee.
Technical Service fees are nonrefundable once the service process has begun
If network connectivity is desired for multiple devices, you must supply device (router, hub, modem or switch) with adequate number of ports to support the required number of devices.
ISP/Internet or home network connection must be activated and working properly prior to any related install.
Customer must provide adequate environment (power, space, etc.) for the scheduled service.
Consumer is responsible for providing power cords and surge protectors.
Customer must have available all legally licensed software and media that may be required.

DMTech warranties its workmanship for a period of 30 days from the service date. This includes issues with the configured installation set up by the pro. DMTech is not responsible for issues due to setting changes, new software upgrades, ISP connection issues, relocation, viruses or spy-ware issues or misuse. Additional trips not covered by the warranty will be subject to charges.
Please check to see that your computer meets these minimum system requirements:
Windows disk or restore disk must be available with key code at the time of installation
All computers to be networked must be virus free and all devices being connected must be in good working condition.

Internet connection, router and primary PC must be in the same room.
Some PCs have existing conditions that may not allow them to be networked.
Any repair or troubleshooting work to get the machine network ready will result in additional charges.

If there is anything you are not sure of, give DMTech a call and we will help you.


Find us located at 7747 S. Luna Ave Burbank, IL 60459 (708) 912-4247

Hours M-F 10-8 .

Call for appointment. No service on Sundays






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