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FBI Virus, Unlocking your PC Without Any Safe Mode

The Fix:

While using a clean computer, you will want to download 'Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.ISO' and burn it onto a CD. This is a free Boot from Disk utility that will load its own Graphical interface, the best way to find this download is to do a Google Search and download it strait from kaspersky's website.

Once Loaded into the Graphical Interface, it will look similar to what you are used to as a normal desktop.

Do NOT run the scan, it seems that it is able to find some older versions of the FBI Virus, but not the newer ones, running it will just be a wast of 2-3 hours.

Close out the windows by just hitting the X until you are just seeing the desktop, now heres the cool part, apparently there is a built in Utility on the Rescue Disk simply called "Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker".

Click on their version of the Start button in the bottom Left side, and click on "Terminal", this will open a screen that looks like your CMOS, now type in "Windowsunlocker" and hit enter.

Three options will show up, you want to select the first one to run the utility. Then you simply need to restart your computer and Boot Windows Normal.


you have your computer unlocked, but the virus is still very much there, from this point you should be able to run the antivirus software of your choice

now boot in Safe mode and run your other scans.



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